7 Best places to enjoy Christmas in Seoul 2023

Planning to spend this Christmas in Seoul, Korea?
Here is a list of 7 trending Christmas places you must visit this winter. There will be some helpful tips too, so check them out together.

1. The Hyundai Seoul – Christmas Village “La Boutique d’Harry”

the hyundai christmas village
© thehyundaiblog

European style Christmas village alleyway

If you’re looking for the hottest Christmas spot in Seoul, look no further than The Hyundai. It’s a must-visit shopping center in the city, boasting trendy pop-up stores, a variety of brands, and a plethora of dining options that attract a large crowd.

Hyundai Department Store unveils a themed Christmas space every year. This winter, you can experience the festive atmosphere adorned with Christmas decorations under the theme “Harry’s Dreamy Shop.” Designed with the concept of a street alley, it creates an illusion as if you’ve stepped into a European alleyway.

Register for on-site waiting list

Following the success of last year’s Christmas decorations, this year’s Christmas market concept has gained tremendous popularity, going viral on Instagram and other social media platforms. Within just one month of opening, it attracted over 100,000 visitors, showcasing its immense popularity. If you missed making a reservation due to the high demand, you can register for on-site waiting using a QR code on the day of your visit. It’s recommended to arrive early in the morning for a smoother experience.

Since the place can get crowded, you can also enjoy the view from the 6th floor without entering the Christmas village. This option is perfect for those who simply want to soak in the festive atmosphere comfortably. Consider giving it a try!

the hyundai christmas village teddy bear dolls
© thehyundaiblog
  • best photo spot
  • indoor, cozy area in winter
  • many other things to enjoy
  • When : November 1 ~ December 31, 2023
  • Time : mon-thu 10:30am ~ 8:00pm / fri-sun, holidays 10:30am ~ 8:30pm
  • Address : 10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (

2. Jamsil Lotte World Mall, Tower – Christmas Market and Merry-go-round

jamsil lotte world mall, tower - christmas market and christmas tree
© lotte hotel&resort

A place brimming with Christmas vibes, perfect for capturing memorable photos

Currently, a Christmas market is taking place at Lotte Tower and Lotte World Mall’s 1st-floor Arena Plaza. A beloved spot for capturing memorable photos is the ‘Big Wish Tree,’ standing at a height of 19m with a diameter of 10m. This tree attracts the younger generation, known as the “MZ” generation, seeking the perfect instagram-worthy shot.

Adjacent to the tree is a merry-go-round guiding us into a world of nostalgia. Since its opening, this carousel has garnered much love, with over 50,000 people taking a ride in just one month. If you’ve made a purchase of 30,000 won or more at Lotte World Tower or Mall, you can present your receipt to enjoy a ride for up to two people.

Within the ‘Glasshouse’ and outdoors, you can not only savor various Christmas treats like vin chaud and cider but also indulge in Korean winter street foods like fish-shaped buns and fish cakes. Additionally, Christmas gifts, lights, and other charming items are available for purchase.

Two ways to enter the Christmas market

There are two ways to enter the Christmas market. The first option is to purchase a fast track paid admission ticket through the Lotte Department Store application. These tickets are limited to 100 per day. For 5,000 won, you can enjoy immediate entry for one accompanying person. Alternatively, you can make a free on-site reservation using a QR code. Because you receive notifications, you can explore nearby shopping malls or attractions while waiting. Keep in mind that on weekends, the waiting list may close after evening hours.

Moreover, on December 16th and 19th, there will be a special photo event with Santa Claus from the northern Finnish Lapland. Visiting during these dates would offer a delightful and memorable experience.

  • Christmas foods and souvenirs
  • big Christmas tree
  • good location (1min walk from metro)
  • When : November 24 ~ December 25, 2023 (merry-go-round : ~ February 12, 2024)
  • Time : 10:30am ~ 10:30pm (merry-go-round : 12:00pm ~ 10:00pm)
  • Address : 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (

3. Lotte World Adventure Amusement Park – Miracle Winter Festival

lotte world adventure amusement park - magic castle christmas lights up
© lotteworld

Lotte World Adventure is an amusement park located right in the heart of Seoul, adjacent to the previously mentioned Lotte World Tower and World Mall.

Embracing the winter season, the ‘Miracle Winter’ Festival is themed around Christmas. Alongside the Christmas parade, there are various attractions to enjoy, including an interactive tree adorned with people’s wishes, the dazzling illumination of the outdoor Magic Castle, and the Lights Up Show. Particularly captivating is this year’s Magic Castle, decked out in the festive colors of red and green, making it irresistible for a photo. Don’t miss the Magic Castle lighting at 18:00 and the Lights Up Show at 20:40, lasting about 6 minutes!

One of Lotte World’s distinct advantages is its division into outdoor and indoor zones, allowing you to enjoy the amusement park without being affected by the chilly weather. The indoor area, with its open center, provides a vibrant winter atmosphere, especially when gazing down at the ice rink on the lower level. Purchasing Lotte World tickets also grants you a 50% discount for the ice rink, so make sure to take advantage of it!

  • right next to Lotte tower and Lotte world mall
  • lights up show and Christmas parades
  • indoor and outdoor areas

4. Myeongdong Shinsegae Department Store – Christmas Media Facade

Myeongdong Shinsegae Department Store - Christmas Media Facade
© shinsegae group

Myeongdong is renowned for its shopping streets, and among them, Myeongdong Shinsegae Department Store is a popular destination for tourists seeking duty-free shopping. However, what sets Shinsegae Department Store apart is its Christmas media facade unveiled during the year-end season, making it particularly famous. With over 50 years of history, Shinsegae Department Store stands as a representative holiday destination in South Korea.

Despite the cold weather, numerous people flock to see the dazzlingmedia facade. As the spectacular show begins, the streets are transformed into a Christmas wonderland. This year’s video, titled <Shinsegae Theater: From Legacy to Fantasy> runs approximately 3 minutes and it is continuously screened without intermission from 17:30 to 22:00. For the optimal viewing experience, the area in front of the central post office near Exit 1 of Hoehyeon Station’s underground shopping center is recommended. Watching this video with your loved ones could create cherished memories.

Additionally, just across from Shinsegae Department Store, you’ll find Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, which also adorns Christmas decorations every year. Exploring both displays would undoubtedly be a delightful experience.

  • representative holiday destination
  • high-quality media show
  • widely shared on YouTube and social media platforms

5. Myeongdong Cathedral – Christmas Lights

myeongdong cathedral

Feeling a bit weary of fancy Christmas venues? In that case, Myeongdong Cathedral might be the perfect answer. Myeongdong Cathedral is the first large-scale Gothic-style Catholic cathedral built on the South-Korea and stands as one of the most famous cathedrals in Seoul.

Situated in the heart of Myeongdong, it’s not only easily accessible for many tourists but also showcases a splendid night view bathed in orange lights. As dusk falls, numerous visitors come to capture photos against the backdrop of Myeongdong Cathedral. The surroundings are adorned with LED lights, creating a fantastic setting for memorable photos.

One special tip is to enjoy the view of Myeongdong Cathedral from the café directly across. The outdoor terrace of ‘Molto Italian Espresso Bar’ is already a hot spot for savoring the beauty of Myeongdong Cathedral, attracting many visitors.

Additionally, if you’re looking to spend a sacred holiday, note that every Sunday and on Christmas Day (December 25th), an English Mass for foreigners takes place at 9 am. It will be a unique Mass experience in Korea, adding a different touch to your holiday celebrations!

  • splendid night view
  • can enjoy the view from the cafe nearby
  • English Mass for foreigners

6. Seoul City Hall Square – Christmas Tree

seoul city hall square christmas tree

If you ask people to name the most representative Christmas spot in Seoul, many will mention Seoul City Hall Square. It may not be the trendiest or most picturesque place, but it is undoubtedly the most famous and iconic.

During Christmas, a large Christmas tree is set up in Seoul Square. This year’s Christmas tree is a 16-meter-high ‘Joseon Christmas Tree,’ incorporating the design of purple butterflies and swallowtail flowers, representing traditional Korean aesthetics. The tree will be lit every day from 5pm to midnight until December 31.

Along the path from Seoul Square to Cheonggyecheon and Gwanghwamun Square, the ‘Seoul Lantern Festival’ takes place. It offers the chance to enjoy the lights and explore a Christmas market. It would be a delightful experience to walk through the heart of Seoul, enjoying the sparkling urban scenery during the year-end.

  • the most iconic place
  • large Christmas tree
  • can enjoy a walk through the heart of Seoul

7. COEX Starfield Library – Gold Christmas Tree

COEX is a large shopping center located at Gangnam, Samsung Station, drawing many tourists. Among its attractions, the Starfield Library, situated in the heart of the shopping mall, is particularly intriguing with books reaching up to an immensely high ceiling.

This year, visitors can enjoy the brightly illuminated tree and media art in the library. The lighting show illuminates the bookshelves in the library, creating a delightful spectacle. Especially, the view from the second floor is quite popular, so how about checking it out?

On December 23rd, there’s a Christmas stage featuring soprano ‘Sindellah’, and throughout the Christmas season, various performances such as acapella and jazz are scheduled.

Beyond the festive tree, COEX offers diverse entertainment, including delicious dining options, an aquarium, pop-up events, creating a warm atmosphere to savor the year-end vibes. A visit is recommended for creating wonderful memories.

  • A unique space in the heart of a shopping center
  • bookshelves reaching up to a high ceiling
  • free Christmas concerts and performances to enjoy
  • Time : 10:30am ~ 10:00pm
    (lighting show) Every day from 6 PM to 10 PM at 15-minute intervals (Closed from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Address : 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (

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